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Unlike other companies, purplemoo manufactures the screen protector we sell. In business since 1992, we understand that different screens have different properties and that is why our protectors are customized to suit a particular device.

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John O.

I wanted a LCD protector for my new Canon A80 and some people recommended PurpleMoo on a photography forum that I frequent. I had some questions so I E-mailed them and they were very responsive and helpful. So I placed an order with PurpleMoo and they shipped out the protectors quickly. When the protectors arrived I was amazed by the clarity- when I applied it to the LCD it was as if there wasn't a protector on the screen- that's how clear they are! The dimensions of the protectors are a perfect match for the LCD of the A80 and they are quite durable- the original protector has been on my camera for over a month with no degradation whatsoever! All in all I am completely satisfied with this product and wouldn't hesitate to order from
Purple Moo again.

Easy to install. Took the GPS out on the water soon after installing the film and was pleasantly surprised to find that the ScreenIt film is relatively anti-reflective. It was also nice to see that I was able to see the screen at all angles with my polarized sunglasses on. Great Product.

Some New Product
Features List

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Screen it! LCD screen protector is here. Benefits of the new version include:

Extreme clarity
Screen it! is so clear it transmit almost 100% of light from the screen. With the new Screen it! LCD screen protector on your LCD display, it will look as if there is no screen protector on!

Enhance contrast
The improved LCD screen protector design enhances contrast and reduces transmission glare, thus improving the sharpness of the display. Our screen protector now works even better on digital camera LCD screens and in bright day light!

Tougher and longer lasting
Screen it! now comes with a toughen top layer that is so scratch resistant, it can even withstand accidental scratches from metal keys!

Bubble free application
Non adhesive design means easier bubble free application. Simply clean your screen, release the backing a little, align the protector and using your thumb and fingers glide the rest of the protector on for bubble free installation. If your screen is dust free, you can easily achieve a bubble free installation. If you make a mistake, you can even remove, wash it if necessary and reinstall! The new Screen it! is reusable!

Get higher mileage out of your investment
With the improved LCD screen protector design, it retains high percentage of visibility even if your LCD screen protector has scratches on them, giving you more mileage out of your investment. This is especially beneficial on digital camera LCD screens.

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